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#ThinkTweet Review

Posted on: July 2, 2009


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First of, this review is long over due. I apologize for that. “We value money as if we can never get it back and we squander time as if there is an ENDLESS supply.” -> This #ThinkTweet kind of applies to me. Since it is my last semester, I was so busy with my other work I hardly made any time to read this cute little book! I kept procrastinating over writing a review for this simple book. Well, here it goes!

#ThinkTweet is a cute twittle book filled with good advices that can be applied to your daily life, at work, school or professional/personal relationships. It can add value to your life if used constructively. It has information and twips that if they are used wisely, it can bring tremendous change to you life/work/school.

Being a college student who is graduating soon (and looking for a job), I found some tweets that hit me hard about what I want to do with my life. I am still contemplating on what to do with my life and trying to find something which I am good and can enjoy doing it. Some tweets may seem like a reminder for you to do something a certain way or just a “good” advice.

One think for sure, the book is filled with a whole bunch of good advices that can be very valuable if used well.

#ThinkTweet “Good Advice” may be expensive but it’s cheaper than the price you pay for not taking it.

I loved some of the tweets so much that I added it to my quotes book. If you think there is nothing you can get out of it, you will be wrong.

Take about 15-30 minutes to read through it or read a tweet a day, contemplate on it, you will then realize how much of it can be applied to your daily lives. I am going to use these tweets and start living it!

I do not know Rajesh Shetty very well but found him when Guy Kawasaki mentioned him in his tweet. Ever since I have found his #thinktweets to be inspiring. Many people just tweet famous quotes, they are inspiring every once in a while but can be boring to be read. ThinkTweets are not boring, but they are very fascinating to read. I’m not saying they are not quotes, some are, but they are structured in such a way that it makes you contemplate about your life in a different way, it helps you want to improve it and live for the better.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Here are few of my favorite tweets:
“Greater the challenge, sweeter the victory”

“If you give out only the very best, sooner than later, the world will reciprocate.”

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