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This is long over due. But I felt the need to post it anyway.

After years of trying to get nominated for Oscars, India has finally won Oscars!! Congratulations to Slumdog Millionaire(SM)! I have not heard of Smile Pinki but from my sources, it was a documentary about a girl getting a cleft palate. It sounds quite inspiring, I must say.

SM has it’s own ups and down. I think it has done good for India. For some, it was a horrible movie because it only showed a part of the realistic side of India, the part which has been there for years, and not much has been done to help the people. SM has a chance to be shown to a wide variety of audience around the world. This way it will create more awareness to the issue. The issue that majority of the population lives in the slums. Although I must say, I did not like the term “Slumdog” and I think it was misused. I can see why Amitabh Bachchan ji (If you don’t know him, Google him!) would feel the same way. Back to the point, the biggest impact the movie has had on the audience was educating the world on issues that has not been in the spotlight.

I know many NGOs, many people are helping so much to make India a better place, but not everyone is aware of it. This is a passion of mine, I’m always looking for ways to contribute, help out, make the world better. Honestly, if people set aside their views and thoughts about SM, just look the impact it will (hopefully) have, I think it was an incredible movie. There were small things that needed change but that doesn’t really matter. The movie was a bit harsh but just think about how it can change the perception about others. One of my friend after watching movie, told me, that this is not the real India, we all know that, this is just the part of it. I completely agree with him. I just hope it has touched the hearts of the people so they too can help build a better India!

Jai Hind!


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